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Fusion Hiring

A standout feature of our solution is its remarkable ability to learn from past hiring patterns / decisions. This means,

  • continually fine-tuning its performance over time.
  • translates to an increasingly accurate and efficient system.
  • saving you valuable time and resources in the long run.

At Fuson Hiring, we've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to redefine recruitment. Our AI-enabled solution is designed to revolutionize how HR professionals approach hiring, with a focus on automating tasks, reducing bias, and enhancing candidate matching Our cutting-edge algorithms swiftly analyze resumes and job descriptions, presenting recruiters with a curated shortlist of top candidates that seamlessly align with their requirements.

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Elevate Your Hiring Strategy with Intelligent Recommendations, Unearth Hidden Talent, and Tailor Your Process for Maximum Efficiency.

Our AI-driven recommendation engine is the cornerstone of efficiency. It delves deep into our comprehensive database, ensuring no CV goes unnoticed. By seamlessly parsing through your entire CV dump, we eliminate any chances of missing out on potential gems, connecting you with the ideal candidates

CV to JD Matching

Experience unparalleled precision as our system scans CVs and matches them to your job descriptions, ensuring an ideal candidate fit.

CV to CV Matching

Leverage the power of contextual analysis to identify candidates similar to your existing high-performers.

JD to CV Matching

Discover candidates whose skills and experiences align seamlessly with your job descriptions, creating a holistic and efficient hiring process.

JD Recommendation Engine

Our AI assists you in crafting job descriptions based on the skills you provide and drawing upon contextual references from this skillset. This guarantees crystal-clear and relevant job descriptions that resonate with potential candidates.

Breathe life into your existing talent pool. Our unique Talent Resurrection feature taps into historical data, reviving past prospects who might have been overlooked. Give your talent pool a second chance and uncover hidden talent that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Unearth Hidden Treasures with Our Google-Like Search Engine

Imagine having a search engine that delves deep into your entire talent database. With Fusion Hiring's unique Google-like search engine, you can unearth hidden talents within your existing talent pool. No more searching outside when the perfect fit might already be within.

Zero CV/ CV Source Lost

We know the importance of every CV. Our system ensures not a single CV is lost to the depths of your database. Every candidate counts, and Fusion Hiring guarantees none slip through the cracks.

Reduced External Dependency

By tapping into your internal resources, you can reduce reliance on external sources and vendors. Fusion Hiring empowers you to maximize your existing talent pool, reducing external dependency while boosting your recruitment efficiency.

Fusion Hiring offers more than just a solution; it's a tailor-made revolution in recruitment.

Intuitive, Self-Configurable Interface

Your hiring needs are as unique as your company. With Fusion Hiring, you're in control. Our intuitive, self-configurable interface lets you mold your recruitment strategy to fit your distinct requirements effortlessly.

Parameter Customization

One size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to recruitment. Fine-tune the ranking parameters and hiring patterns to match your preferences, elevating the precision of your candidate selection process. With Fusion Hiring, each candidate aligns more accurately with your vision.

Analytical Insights

Make informed decisions with unparalleled insights. Fusion Hiring grants you deep access into your resume database, source mix, and talent resurrection trends. This analytical advantage enhances your understanding, enabling you to adapt and optimize your hiring strategy for maximum impact.

Transformative Impact

By embracing Fuson Hiring, you'll witness a transformative impact.

CV Consolidation (Zero CV/ Source Loss)100%
Eliminate non-matching CVs with accuracy95%
Boost Productivity by a remarkable25%
Reduce Interviewer bandwidth requirement40%
Slash Time-to-hire while elevating the Quality of hire35%
Reduce Vendor Dependency by a minimum 25%


Explore How Fusion Hiring Redefines Recruitment through Advanced AI-Powered Features.

AI Resume Screening

Our AI-powered system intelligently screens resumes and shortlists the best candidates for your job openings

Automated Job Posting

Post job openings to multiple platforms automatically, saving you time and effort in the hiring process

Interview Scheduling Assistant

Our AI assistant helps you schedule interviews with candidates, making the process seamless and efficien

Applicant Ranking and Scoring

Rank and score applicants based on their qualifications, skills, and experience to identify the top candidatess

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What they are saying about us

Thanks to Fusion Hiring engine, we have been able to filter 85% junk. Additionally, decision making can be attained with few sample hired resumes.

Sumit Kumar Das

Chief Manager - Human Resources, Kotak Mahindra Bank

Making the data from unstructured to structured helped the recruiter find the key points they are looking for. The tool also helps search in the  database to match with the existing candidate profile for any new requirement.
Overall, the tool with intelligence helped reduce workload and narrow down the search to right and relevant profiles.

Lalit Chacko

Director, Cognicx IT Solutions


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